SMU Cox Executive Education
James M. Collins Executive Education Center
PO Box 750508
Dallas, TX 75275-0508
  214.768.3335 |  exed@cox.smu.edu

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    • Accounting and Finance
      The Essentials of Accounting and Finance for Non-Financial Managers
      Mergers & Acquisitions
      Energy, Oil and Gas
      Strategic Leadership Skills
      Financial Skills for the Energy Industry
      Oil & Gas Investing for Institutional Investors
      Leadership and Management
      Certificate in Leadership
      Certificate in Management
      Master Negotiation I: A Gain-Gain Approach to Profitable Negotiation
      Master Negotiation II
      Rising Latino Leaders
      Rising Latino Leaders
      Consultative Selling
      Digital Strategy
      Building Exceptional Business Strategy
      Summer Business Institute
      Summer Business Institute
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